Patented Search, Skills Analytics and Job Matching

In 2003 Integretech built its own proprietary Job Matching and Skills Analytics software called TalentBrowser, a cloud-based recruiting efficiency tool now in use by Professional Services, Employers and Staffing Professionals. TalentBrowser automates the process of efficiently analyzing, searching and matching resumes and professional profiles so you can find top talent you already have and match people across all jobs automatically. It is powered by DataScava’s unstructured data mining technology and patents in “Profile Matching of Unstructured Data.

Capturing Business Intelligence

TalentBrowser’s parsing, indexing, scoring and matching algorithms leverage a robust, editable thesaurus of industry matching terms and segmented, multidimensional search that brings the cream to the top, fast, using a a proprietary parser and search engine that produces highly accurate, verifiable results beyond Semantic, Boolean and Predictive Analytics.

Targeting Top Talent

TalentBrowser has enabled mission critical placements for our Wall Street financial clients, the Fortune 1000 and hi-tech companies since 2003.   Automated real-time processing, screening and matching of candidates allows us to focus on the intangibles that make someone the right fit and target the best talent reliably, consistently and quickly.  TalentBrowser has provided us with a tremendous competitive edge by empowering Integretech to deliver high-performance recruiting like no other solution on the market.