As technology related software and service become increasingly more complex, Integretech’s Project Management Consulting can provide the assistance you need to integrate solutions that work. Our teams assist our clients through all phases of the project life cycle.  We provide expert project management to ensure quality results.  Engagements can be as standard as setting up an office network or as intricate as converting an entire firm to an ERP solution.  Here are some success stories:

Projects Portfolio

Straight Through Processing
Managed development of an STP system for a privately managed $1 billion dollar hedge fund

Emerging Markets Risk Management
Managed e-commerce integration of Emerging Markets Risk Management system

Real-Time E-Commerce
Managed team implementing real-time e-commerce interface to dealing system

Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Program management of implementation of real-time interface

Future Rate Agreements Desk
Derived innovative Interest Rate Swaps methodology

Real-Time Pricing Software
Deployed real-time pricing software to trading floor and FRA system.  Client voted FRA desk of the year

Pricing Service Integration
Integrated Pricing service to the members of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Web Portal Development
Managed development of portal to centralize access to generalized services, ie, package handling, procurement and process forms, people contact information, facilities management, H.R.

Knowledge Management/Document Management System
Managed first phase of development of a powerful system-wide knowledge management/documentation management system

Collaborative Development Portal
Managed development of a “Collaborative Development Portal,” a virtual repository for information related to research, clinical, legal, test, FDA approvals and workflow.

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